Flex Fit Yoga Belt


Ultra convenience built into this utility packed multi-use Yoga belt/strap. The FlexFit provides all your Fit Lifestyle, Yoga and stretching needs into one compact and simple to use device.

Lilac Black Stripe - Yoga Belt Mat Carrier

Soft yet extremely strong and durable hand-woven cotton provides that extra push, hold and balance often needed in practicing stretches and poses for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike.  To provide a sometimes essential better grip or added function, the FlexFit strap includes two loops of steel wrapped in comfortable soft cotton threads to transform a strap into a yoga belt.

Since stretching and Yoga often call for a Yoga mat, the FlexFit has also been outfitted with a simple and easy to use system that makes carrying your mat a breeze if you choose not to opt for a Yoga Mat Bag.  Just simply secure the belt around your mat and sling it over your shoulder and quickly be on your way.

Black Yoga Belt and Mat Carrier presented by Lana Phuket Yoga

Lana Yoga Studio - Phuket

There are a lot of ways how to use the yoga belt/strap. Beginners can visit Fitness & Wellness Gyms offering yoga classes for consultation.This is great for all levels and very beneficial within yoga, particularly for beginners or anyone with flexibility issues. This video will help you give some pointers to use Flexfit Yoga Belt and Mat Carrier.



Here is a basic introduction on how to use a yoga belt (also may be referred as yoga strap, fitness belt, fitness strap).  Learn how to use the yoga belts at home, at the park or at the gym.  Find out simple steps that can be done with a strap to help your stretches and your yoga practices.  This will lead you to a gentle sequence to use it properly. 


Please consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise program.

We are not exercise experts, we are here to show how you can use our product – yoga belt






* UNDER CONSTRUCTION: We will soon add photos on how to use our yoga belt*

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