The Herald - Eco Friendly Messenger Bag / Briefcase


Herald Messenger Bag / Briefcase 

This perfect leather substitute messenger bag is an adaptation of a traditional briefcase for the modern day human being. The patterns and texture are directly from the inner tubes of our raw materials.

The multi-functional pockets make this perfect for organizing all of your technology. The top-carrying handle gives you the briefcase feel, or use the adjustable shoulder strap for a messenger or cross-body bag look. When you don't need to lug around your laptop, the bag is perfect for small business or casual wear.

Design is inspired by the lifestyle of both metropolitan living and weekend travel for either leisure or business. The detachable straps and hooks are at unique location with adjustable shoulder padding on the strap, for ease of wear.

* Carefully Handmade
* Suitable for Vegan
* Colour: Black (not altered from raw materials)
* Materials: 65% Upcycled - Upcycled Tire Innertube 
* Buttons: Strong Metal Fastening/buttons non-corrosive
* Available in Black, Red, Army Green, Grey

Dimension, is at approximate: 41cm x 31cm x 10cm

      We are proud of our upcycled hand-made environmentally-conscious products.  Please note that each of our products is individually designed and crafted by a skilled artisan in Central Java, Indonesia.  Each piece is unique; therefore there may be a slight difference from the items in the picture.