Upcycling Project

Take Part in the Protection of a Sustainable Environment for Future Generationspurnama upcyle logo.png

We are partnering with local (Central Java - Indonesia) artists in producing hand-made up-cycled nicely designed products, to support the campaign on the issues of water conservation in the area. (Note: More than 50% of all irrigation water in Indonesia is consumed in Java)

Upcycling concept has been around for a long time, with the idea to use things over and over again until they simply couldn't be used again.  Upcycling is a way of life for people in developing countries, where raw materials are expensive thus people use what they can find to create bowls, baskets and other useful and beautiful artistic products.  


Upcycling is “also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless and/or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value” (Wikipedia).   Upcycling is considered "green"; where it reuses materials in creative ways, that may otherwise end up in the landfill. 

Tires are normally stockpiled or dumped illegally, creating not just an eyesore, but a breeding ground for mosquitos and carrying diseases.  At times, tire is burned and the burning can last for months creating massive pollution in the air and ground.  The rubber can be up-cycled for variety of uses, such as soles for shoes, floor mats for home, and much more.  (Click here for more information on scrap tires as an increasing concern)

 IMG_7521.JPGRecent research finds that a person uses a plastic bag for a carrier on average for only 12 minutes, and only recycle one plastic bag in every 200 used.

The project is to minimize the harm from plastic and other discarded materials by transforming them into sustainable fashion.

We work closely with the women (“Ibu-Ibu”) in a village in Central Java, providing them skills and work in weaving.

We have just expanded our upcycling project to include a community that is building their livelihood through new skills development which promotes a cleaner environment.

Last November 2018, we partnered with a community that is located nearby a big textile factory. Waste handling is of great concern and the eyes are turned to upcycling excess materials including single use of plastic, specifically plastic bags.


We are proud of our upcycled, hand-made environmentally-conscious products. Sustainable and ethical bags are transformed, using repurposed discarded single-use plastic bags, and beautifully hand-woven with organic cotton thread.







In our project, we use waste material from tires, and carefully select its design and cutting into our first product of accessories: Java Collection.

Recycled tires are easily available due to its abundance as waste, and have various advantages over craft recycling compared to other materials. The advantages include a strong, durable, resistant to water, and the unique appearance of the leather-like craft.  


We are inspired by our partner of a community of local artists in Central Java (Indonesia) on their work and mission in cultivating young local artists creating innovative upcycled products.  

With that, we have also extended our involvement with the community "Planting for Life" (Komunitas TUK - Tanam Untuk Kehidupan) with its mission "to plant sustainable environmental awareness and education in the community through art and cultural practice".


We are delighted to offer up-cycled designed products, carefully hand-made to spread awareness and inspiration for environmental action, and to support local artisans and communities in Central Java. 

2018 February - Desa Eco Logika - Indonesia 2018 February - Library in the making, Desa Eco Logika - Indonesia

% of proceeds from the sale of Java collection will fund the community and children in the Central Java villages.

Every product YOU purchase, partial proceeds will go toward protecting sustainable environment for future generation

... to actively campaign on our environment, on water conservation, educating the community through media, art and culture; and establishing education center for sustainability living to be accessed for local villages and people around the world.  


 We are at a start of our journey in planting the seeds


We provide customization and large order on specific products for your personal and/or business events - eMail us.