A Little Bit About Us

We are a slow fashion brand. We design for environmental sustainability and social impact. We provide upskilling and education outreach programs throughout Asia region.


Purnama (Purnama Outreach Pte Ltd™) was founded in Singapore as a social enterprise, geared to make a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of women and children in Asia, by creating quality products that produce livelihood, education and environmentally conscious sustainable practices within these communities.


"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?" ~ Martin Luther King Jr

"Let us not, in the eagerness of our haste to educate, forget all the ends of education." ~ William Godwin


For the last few years, together with corporate partnerships and philanthropic purchases we have saved hundreds of inner-tube tires and single-use plastic bags, thousands of single-use plastic straws from the landfills, and placed women and children in education / skill development programs, and much more.   You can take part.


Still want to get to know more about us? Purnama as a Fashion Brand Fighting for Social Causes here.


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 Purnama directly funds the education of the children in our Education Outreach Program, Fight For Education.   We directly collaborate & provide revenues for our artisans & directly administrate extended donations in our impact communities.  

    • Nepal: Sponsorship through skill development programs and funding school supplies for disadvantaged children, Pokhara Himalayan Valleys
    • Indonesia: Direct Sponsorship
    • Other countries: (coming soon - Philippines for Direct Sponsorship in 2023-2024)

    BEHIND THE SCENE: The Co-Founders

    Purnama Co-Founders: Rae and Charles

    Purnama Outreach Pte Ltd ("Purnama") was incorporated in 2014, Singapore as a Social Enterprise.  A woman co-founder partnered with her husband to introduce Purnama to the world.  


    The word Purnama is part of her name.   Purnama means "Full-Moon" in Bahasa Indonesia, or, one may say Bulan Purnama (Bulan means Moon), where we hope to provide a light for those in need.  


    Both co-founders were involved throughout their lives in various countries in many non-for-profit organizations, which shape them to start their own journey and mission.



    Previous involvement, spreading smiles in North America:




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