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Purnama <> Singapore Fashion Runway (SFR)
Fashion For A Social Cause

A Partnership started in 2016, supporting those in need in Singapore.  We design exclusive for SFR and utilizing local artisans in our less fortunate communities, proceeds support directly to the SFR beneficiaries*.


We bring you rare and quality handmade fashion and accessories, eco-friendly and socially conscious. Do check them out !

Here is about Singapore Fashion Runway:

Singapore Fashion Runway nurtures our *beneficiaries who are special needs, disabled, have chronic illness, are breast cancer patients and survivors in their journey of fashion, so that they can learn a skill and seek happiness while battling with their illness.

Singapore Fashion Runway creates platforms and opportunities in the development of one's giving and big heart through Fashion for a Social Cause. Join us as we put our hands and hearts on our sleeves!


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