Nepal Project

Providing direct support to "Women's (Weaving) Skill Development Program" in Nepal


Let us introduce you about Nepal.  Nepal is beautiful and unique, tucked within its neighboring countries Tibet, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.  It is the home of the highest peak mountain in the world, Mount Everest and a portal to the Himalayas.  It also holds the world heritage site Lumbiniknown as the birthplace of Gautama Buddha.  

Nepal has a blooming tourism industry, however the country faces its own challenges.  The challenges are greater today with global pandemic impacting travel industry and Nepal's economy in general.  Most of the population depend on agriculture.  Women in Nepal suffer from the lack of access to education, money, and rights.  Below 25% of Nepali women are literate, lower rate than the men.   Nepal has a rich cultural heritage with amazing diversity, which influences the unique handcrafts.  We hope to apply their unique skills in its weaving using traditional methods to products for global market; while supporting disadvantaged Women into a (Weaving) Skill Development program, thus preserving their craftsmanship.

While fashion industries would choose its neighbors India and Bangladesh which are among the top textile exporters, we have chosen to produce the slow and more thoughtful way in Nepal.  



Pokhara Collection - Weaving For Life Project in Nepal

A partnership in Nepal through a Women's Skill Development Program.  The program is a 2-year commitment, and starts in providing literacy training, then step by step learning on how to weave and sew.  Our Nepal project's objective is to provide a regular employment with the skill developed.  And thus, these women will be able to integrate in the society and also support their children's education.


The Women who made your Bags and Accessories




The traditional looms of Nepal have a wooden framework.  Cotton threads are woven in this wooden framework, after the hand-dye processes.  Natural dye is highly the focus.  We love the handmade nature and the intensity of the crafting of our products that can last long, a lifetime.  We definitely embrace each step in product development of our products with our Nepalese partners, and we do not expect to adopt methods of unsustainable mass production.  At Purnama, we directly collaborate & provide revenues for our artisans and directly administrates extended donations in our impact communities.   


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