Nepal Project

We provide direct support to Women's Skill Development Project in Nepal

Nepal is beautiful and unique, tucked within its neighboring countries Tibet, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.  It is the home of the highest peak mountain in the world, Mount Everest and a portal to the Himalayas.  It also holds the world heritage site Lumbini known as the birthplace of Gautama Buddha.  

Nepal has a blooming tourism industry, however faces its own challenges.  Most of the population depend on agriculture.  It is in the top 20 World's Poorest Countries, and UN estimates that about 40% of Nepalis live in poverty.  Women in Nepal suffer from the lack of access to education, money, and rights.  Below 25% of Nepali women are literate, lower rate than the Men. 


During our trip in Nepal, a woman Tara introduced her weaving project in support of her community, by providing training and employment to women.  Since then, we have been connected with our cause in increasing education and providing skill development.  The weaving project starts in providing literacy training, then step by step learning on how to weave and sew.  The project's objective is to provide a regular employment with the skill developed.  And thus, these women will be able to integrate in the society and also support their children's education.

Weaving for Life Project in Nepal 

 Weaving for Life Project in Nepal 

This women's skill development project was started by Tara after her recovery from a life-threatening illness in 2008.  The project started with only 4 women, today there are 24 women in the program.  This includes our partnership in having 2 (two) women into the program.

The products are carefully made by hand by local Nepali women, trained from skills on cotton dying and preparation, looming the weaving and sewing.  We are proud to launch our partnership:  Pokhara collection provides the finest handmade products using high quality raw materials.

  The Workshop 2015 December: Weaving, Looming, Sewing for the Holiday Orders ...The Workshop, The Sewing  The Workshop: The Weaving

 The Workshop 2015 December: Weaving, Looming, Sewing for the Holiday Orders ...

The Workshop 2016 February: New Looming for Summer Collection


  The Workshop 2016 February:

  New Looming for Summer Collection



As a start, we hope that this platform will provide another channel to the Weaving for Life Project in Nepal. 

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Basically, the more products made and sold, the more Women and Children will be supported.

"More Orders coming in  =>  More Work  =>  More Women being Educated  =>  More Children in School"


Facts on Women in Nepal:

  • 7% literacy rate
  • 1 of 4 Females - involved in child labor
  • 160,000 Nepali Women are held in Indian brothels as some as young as Eleven
  • 25% are married between the ages of 15-19
  • 70-80% are anaemic
  • 53 years is the life expectancy
  • Nepali  women carry the weight of their castle and the pressure of the dowry
  • They are deprived of education and discriminated against in the job market

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