Fight For Education

We provide direct sponsorship

to the Education of the Children in Need

through Our Fight For Education Program


We want to protect the children of the future, starting with those in need by providing the basic necessities and education.  We have been fortunate enough to support childrens' education throughout Asia in the past decade  (Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal).  

In Summer 2015 we launched the Fight For Education (FFE) and a collection to fund the program.

Within this program, our children will receive direct funding from the sale of our products. 100 Percent of the profit from the Fight For Education Collection will go towards their education.

Muay Thai Shorts Customized for Purnama - Fight For Education

Starting 2018, we launched a new collection to fund our children.  We proudly saw two in the program graduate recently in 2019.

We have expanded our program to continue helping them to follow their dreams.  We will be funding our students who graduated from high school, with first year of Technical School; or first year University fees.

Now, with our new push under our FFE (Fight For Education), we fully funded our kids last year 2019, while creating awareness.  With the global pandemic, we hope to continue to support our students in the outreach program, with your kindness.

We are proud to highlight the participation and invaluable help we have received from our partner from the very beginning of FFE. We are relaunching a commemorative item, some serious Muay Thai shorts with our good friend, Kru (Muay Thai professor), and partner Kru Yo Lamnamoon Sor Sumalee - Titles: 4 Time Lumpinee Champion & WPKL World Title.


Here's how you can support, be the Champion! ORDER your Customized Purnama - Lamnammoon Muay Thai Shorts! and/or Follow us and Spread the Cause to support those in need.


Green Olea Yoga Bag and Yoga Belt in a Muay Thai Gym



The children in the Program will receive direct funding from the sale of our products.  100 Percent of the Profit from the Fight For Education Collection will go towards their education.  

Indonesia (2013)


Indonesia (2016)


Thailand (2014)


Thailand (2015)


We are in the early stages of this program, thus we look forward for your support and partnership.



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