Straw Wars Singapore

Say No to Single-Use Plastic Straws 

What can you contribute to our mother nature? Our environment needs love and affection.  Be part of our campaign against plastic straws.  The battle continues; and we are challenging you to consistently refuse and say no to single-use plastic straws when you do not need them.

Let's start your eco journey simply start by saying no to single-use plastic straws, or for businesses to simply ask first if your customer requires a straw for his/her drink, and have an alternative to plastic straws. 

Little by little we can make difference, and we can make this World a better place for everyone.

First, we want to applaud businesses that don’t serve straws or offer alternatives to the single-use plastic straw.  We also want to applaud those businesses who are taking the 1st step.  We are asking businesses to serve a straw upon customer request and not just automatically put 1 or 2 straws in their drink, tray, table or takeaway.

All individuals who feel like we do about our oceans, sign the from today & make your voice heard.  We will share stories about about your awesomeness in our social media and more.

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In Singapore alone, consumers use about 2.5 billion plastic bags a year (a quote from Zero Waste SG).   There are efforts by the Government to reduce the consumption of plastic bags, but it is limited.  

Did you know: Plastic straws cannot be recycled because of its size range. This means that it goes to landfills for years, contaminates our land and oceans, and is ingested by marine animals.


"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it"  ~ Robert Swan




 A Program by Purnama Outreach 

Supported by Team of Volunteers