Bracelet - Double The Twist


Double The Twist Bracelet

This nicely designed leather-like bracelet is hand braided, material from tire inner tube and cotton thread.  

  • Carefully Handmade
  • Suitable for Vegan
  • Colour: Black (not altered from raw materials) and Red / Yellow Cotton Thread
  • Materials: Upcycled tire inner tube, Cotton thread
  • Buttons: Strong Metal Fastening/buttons non-corrosive
  • Includes natural Roselle Fiber packaging
  • Available in 4 sizes (button to button), at approximate when wrapped:
    • (XS) Length 16cm x Width 2 cm
    • (S) Length 17 cm x Width 2 cm
    • (M) Length  19 cm x Width 2 cm
    • (L) Length 21 cm x Width 2 cm

Although this bracelet has a size that can fit small wrists, it is not intended for children

We are proud of our upcycled hand-made environment-conscious products, with modern designs by Purnama.  Each of our products is hand-crafted by skilled artisans in Central Java, therefore each piece is simply unique from this beautiful craftsmanship.