Necklace - Daisy Flower


Daisy Flower Necklace

Wear this unique Daisy Flower Necklace with any of your OOTD! From simple wear with jeans and t-shirt to elegant dinner wear, Daisy Flower Necklace will surely elevate and complete your look.

The uniqueness of this necklace comes from its design that falls nicely on the bottom of your neckline, with traditional batik-style flowers hand-cut by artisans in Java Island - Indonesia.

You will enjoy owning this elegant yet bold piece.
  • Carefully Hand-cut
  • Suitable for Vegan
  • Colour : Black (not altered from raw materials)
  • Material : Upcycled tire inner tube
  • Dimensions (at approximate), to fit below neckline :
    • Width, Inside (front, side to side) : 3 buttons to fit beautifully, from 11.5 cm to 15 cm
    • Height of artwork (front) : 4 cm

We are proud of our upcycled hand-made environment-conscious products, with modern designs by Purnama.  Each of our products is hand-crafted by skilled artisans in Central Java, therefore each piece is simply unique from this beautiful craftsmanship.