Dayvis Executive Laptop Bag

From recycling used truck tire innertubes, we have created Dayvis Executive Laptop Bag for you to carry your laptop/tablet every day, everywhere.

The tire innertube cover is durable and water-resistant, while the repurposed army tent inner lining is padded to protect your device. Also features 4 mesh pockets on either side of the Laptop Bag for your essentials, and secured with a sturdy zipper and top handle.


  • Minimalist design for men or women
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Fits up to a 13-inch laptop or tablet, with secured zippers and top handle.
  • Dimensions (at approximate)
    • L 20 cm x W 2 cm x H 14 cm
  • Color : Black, not altered from raw materials
  • Material : 
    • Recycled tire innertube
    • Repurposed army tent
  • Designed sustainably, using recycled materials and handmade; thus each piece is unique.
Designed in Singapore
Made in Indonesia

      Java Upcycled Solutions™, upcycled hand-made environment-conscious products, with modern designs by Purnama.  Each of our products is hand-crafted by skilled artisans in Central Java, therefore each piece is simply unique from this beautiful craftsmanship.