Fabric Cozy Cup Sleeve


Fabric Cozy Cup Sleeve Carrier, with Straw Holder
+ includes organic bamboo straw

Super adorable reusable cup sleeve for your hot coffee, tea or cold drinks (bubble tea, iced coffee, iced tea) with elastic band to hold your favorite straw (metal, glass, bamboo, ...).  Let's remove the extra plastic and use this beautiful carrier.

Each purchase of this cup sleeve comes with an organic bamboo straw, 20cm normal size plain straw.

If you'd like to opt for other sizes, please indicate at check out:

  • 20cm height, engraving Purnama - Proud Eco Warrior
  • 20 cm height, diameter size for Bubble Tea
  • 15cm height 

One size fits all: 12oz, 16oz and 20oz cups for both hot and cold beverages. Slips easily like a ring!  Write us to feedback or comment.

This fabric cup sleeve is in collaboration with and made by Mustard Tree team in support to build education and independence for autistic and special needs children.