🌎 Earth Day 2020 : Journey to the New Normal

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As we are navigating through a new normal, let's keep in mind that there's always a rainbow after the rain.

Now is the moment to spend more time with our loved ones and support one another in the community while our Earth rests.

Did you know that we are helping the Earth breathe easier? Air pollution levels are reducing, the Earth's ozone layer is recovering and carbon emissions are falling, and all of these are made possible simply by staying home!

This is our gift to Earth for Earth Day this year.

We definitely want to rewind and go back to a time when this pandemic never happened, but now that it's here it has become the new way, a new normal is developing. It's up to us to adjust and to listen to what is important and make the new normal to be a beautiful thing.
Thank you for an article by CauseArtist featuring 13 local and social enterprises to support during COVID-19 pandemic.


(photo taken in 2019)
As an online Social Enterprise, you can still reach out to us. We are open.

We are a slow fashion brand and upcycled solution provider with upskilling and education outreach programs throughout the region. 

Our partner communities in the region are dependent in working closely with Purnama to fulfill your orders. We are OPEN and working hard behind the scene to bring new designs and support each other during these challenging times.


Tablet Sleeves

(Available in Peach and Black)


Brown Sugar Tote Bag


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