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Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) Award - Purnama

Thank you Spirit of Enterprise Singapore! For having our Co-Founder/Lead Designer as one of this year's (2018) honorees. She advocates sustainable fashion and passionate about helping others and sponsorship to children's education across Asia (to start). Congratulations Rae for taking all your weekends away from your family to just give. Very proud ...    

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Yoga vs MMA: When Worlds Collide

23 February 2018 Author: Charles Pitts, Co-Founder of Purnama Outreach Pte Ltd No two activities could be further apart, right?  Maybe not; it’s time to rethink this perception of a clash of cultures. In a world now full of cross-training and hybrid training programs, why the remaining resistance and separation of these worlds? When many people think of yoga, they might imagine a yoga studio full of skinny women (The latest Yoga in America study showed 82.2 percent are women; 17.8 percent are men) performing relaxed stretches and not a bead of sweat. Although you might find yourself in such a class when a beginner, many advanced yoga programs and practices require tremendous strength and stamina. Another possible barrier that dissuades some men...

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Fight for Education Program

  We want to protect the children of the future, starting with those in need by providing the basic necessities and education. Within this program, our children will receive direct funding from the sale of our products.  100 Percent of the Profit from the Fight For Education Collection will go towards their education. We have been fortunate enough to support a few of the childrens' education throughout Asia in the past six years (Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal).   We are in the early stages of this program, thus we look forward for your support and partnership.

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