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How to Have a Vegan Christmas: Gifting, Cooking And Dining

by GITNB Whether you’re in need of some animal-friendly gifting inspiration, want to reduce your impact this holiday season, or need to find a restaurant for festive feasting, here is your guide to having a vegan Christmas. GIFTING A gift is the representation of your time and affection – make it a sustainable and cruelty-free one. Image: Purnama Outreach   First up: gifts! A cruelty-free Christmas present means that you can share the story of a vegan brand and know that the goodwill of your giving caused no harm to any creature. Here’s a roundup of tested and reviewed products that might be the perfect gift for your partner, friends, or family. Click here to read more!

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You Do Matter! The Gift of Giving and Receiving

Each of us has a Giving heart, but during the hectic holiday season oftentimes we get consumed by everyday stresses that lead us to forget what we dearly want to do. Nevertheless, we at Purnama hope that you can dedicate few minutes of your time simply to breathe and recharge, because you DO matter! Let us lessen your burden this holiday season by making Giving easy! Click here to read more!

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Simple Ways to Make You Feel Good

We all have bad days and look for ways to make ourselves feel good and be motivated. Many of us would go shopping or to the gym, to trigger the happy molecules. Well, let’s bring this to a simple level with shopping: shop with a cause, shop that matters, shop that Gives!  This will trigger amazing number of molecules doing the happy dances.  Simply look at the label on the product, see how it was made, does the product gives back to the environment or community.  This is Giving and helps your mental wellbeing. Click here to read more!

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